PATR0994 - Shoulderwarmer / curved shawl

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This shoulder warmer is crocheted with Rachel 100 grams / 250 meters, with crochet hook no. 10 (Dutch size). It is approx. 39cm (height) * 44-63cm (width).

 Rachel* – approx. 200 grams
 Crochet-hook no. 10 (Dutch size)
 Darning needle
 Scissors

  • Rachel is yarn suitable for hook no. 7 – 8 (Dutch size)

•Most patterns are in 1 size and suitable for M-XL/XXL (Please note this is a rough indication).

•After payment you can download in PDF format.

•The patterns are very clearly written out and suitable for everyone, assuming you know the basic stitches.

•A number of patterns has a hook diagram additionally.

•If other then the basic stitches are being used there is a step-by-step explanation. Often including photos.

•I expect the pattern is clearly to everyone, even if you only are used to hook diagrams, even if you are a novice, even if you are an experienced.

•Our patterns may not be shared with respect to copyright.

•Of course you may sell the finished product.

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