PATR1116 - Tunic - shirt - sweater

PATR1116 - Tunic - shirt - sweater

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PATR1116 Crochetpattern (US) Tunic/shirt/sweater

This tunic is crocheted with Fenna 100 grams/240 meters, with crochet hook no. 4 (Dutch size). It is approx. 76 cm (height) * 63 cm (width), excl. sleeves measured. Size approx. L/XL (42-46).

The pattern is approx. size L/XL.
The pattern is included notes for the sizes S/M and XXL. Note: I have crochet only size L/XL!

Necessities - basicpattern L/XL:
Fenna* – ca. 675 grams – 1620 meters – 1772,28 yards
Crochethook no. 4 (Dutch size)
Darning needle
Stitch markers

* Fenna is self-striping yarn suitable for hook no. 4 – 4,5 (Dutch size) = Worsted – 10 ply – 9 wpi
(Alternative for Fenna: Ice yarns Primadonna.)

This pattern includes an extra download / print friendly version without the photos.

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